Our Story

For years people always ask us what do you feed your dogs and after years of feeding our dogs on different diets and never feeling that we got it quite right, we decided to make our own brand of dry food designed specifically for the American Bully. Although no diet could make a dog out-grow their genetics, it's our job as owners to give them the best chance. Food does make a huge difference with pregnant females , dogs gaining weight and getting in the best condition they can before shows and help increasing seemen count and boost there amune system. Our new brand has all the goodness and effect a raw diet would have. Our product is not made with grain or wheat , sweet potato is the carbohydrate source , aswel as a carbohydrate sweet potatoe is a superfood and a very good sauce of vitamin a and helps promote healthy skin , coat , eyes and muscles in dogs. The American Bully is a very unique breed that carries a lot of extra muscle and mass than most other breeds; it's like the body builder of the dog world, and they have a mesomorph body type. This means that they have a lot higher percentage of fast twitch fibers which makes it so easy for them to build muscle mass. They also have a faster metabolism witch keeps theme lean. Our new brand of food is FDA approved and designed to give your dog a complete diet at every stage of their life, and help them reach their full potential; keeping them in optimum health and looking better than ever.